Specialists in the installation of elastomeric membranes

An elastomeric membrane is a flexible, elastic material generally made from polymers such as synthetic rubber. These membranes are often used in the construction industry to waterproof flat roofs, foundations or buried structures.

They offer excellent resistance to weather, UV rays and chemicals, making them ideal for protecting structures from water infiltration. Elastomeric membranes are also easy to install, durable and adhere well to the substrates.

Our roofers repair TPO or elastomer membrane roofs on flat roofs.

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Quality, reliable and durable materials

For a new installation or repair, we use quality materials installed by roofing experts. This ensures increased durability and better resistance to seasonal changes.

Our accreditations

We are accredited by the APCHQ, CCQ and RBQ. We are also bonded and hold an occupational health and safety certification. We guarantee “satisfaction or compensation”.
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