Flat roof specialists

Increasingly popular in modern architecture due to their contemporary appearance and functionality, flat roofs offer ample space for terraces, gardens or even solar installations. They can also be easier to maintain and repair than traditional pitched roofs. However, they must be correctly designed and installed to ensure adequate waterproofing and avoid water infiltration issues.

Our roofers use TPO or elastomer membranes to repair flat roofs.

Let us help you choose the best options. We can provide a detailed estimate for your roof replacement.

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Quality, reliable and durable materials

For a new installation or repair, we use quality materials installed by roofing experts. This ensures increased durability and better resistance to seasonal changes.

Our accreditations

We are accredited by the APCHQ, CCQ and RBQ. We are also bonded and hold an occupational health and safety certification. We guarantee “satisfaction or compensation”.
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