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Commercial roofing refers to the roof of commercial or industrial buildings, such as shops, offices, factories, warehouses, etc. This type of roof is often more complex and robust than that of a residential home, it must support greater loads and withstand more severe weather conditions.


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Materials and equipment

Commercial roofs can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, asphalt, rubber, PVC or concrete. They are often fitted with insulation, waterproofing and ventilation systems adapted to the specific needs of the building. It is essential to provide regular maintenance for a commercial roof to ensure its durability and performance. It is advisable to have a professional inspect the roof regularly and to carry out any necessary repairs at the first sign of damage.

Our expertise

Renovating or replacing an industrial roof can be a complex task, requiring the intervention of qualified professionals. Here are a few steps to follow for the successful replacement of your industrial roof:

  • Assessing the current condition of the roof: before starting any replacement work, it is important to assess the general condition of the roof to determine whether it needs to be replaced in its entirety or just certain sections.
  • Choosing the roofing material: there are different types of industrial roofing material, such as metal, asphalt, PVC, etc. It is important to choose the material that is best suited to your needs in terms of durability, insulation and cost.
  • Selecting the roofing company: it is essential to hire a company that specializes in industrial roof replacement to guarantee quality work that complies with current standards.
  • Preparing the site: before replacing the roof, the site must be prepared by removing the old material, checking the condition of the structure and ensuring the safety of the workers.
  • Installing the new cladding: once the site is ready, the roofing company can install the new cladding, following the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensuring a perfect seal.
  • Final inspection and maintenance: once the replacement roof is completed, a final inspection is recommended to check that everything has been installed correctly. It is also important to implement a regular maintenance plan to extend the life of the new roof.

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We are accredited by the APCHQ, CCQ and RBQ. We are also bonded and hold an occupational health and safety certification. We guarantee “satisfaction or compensation”.
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